ACUO – CASA Executive Meeting Discusses Regulatory Enforcement

ACUO President CASA DAS meeting March 8 2016

The President of ACUO, Mr Joe Urli, met with CASA’s CEO & Director of Aviation Safety, Mr Mark Skidmore, on March 8th to discuss a raft of issues of high importance to certified UAV Operators. Top of ACUO’s list was visible and effective enforcement of current and future RPAS regulations.

Despite what popular opinion might have us believe there is currently NO regulatory exemption for UAVs under 2kgs. Furthermore, ALL commercial UAV operators require a UAV Operator Certificate (UOC) from CASA before they can operate legally. Without this certification, customers of illegal UAV operators may not realise they are highly unlikely to be covered by Public Liability insurance should something go wrong with the aerial operation. And as any certified UAV Operator knows, this happens still too frequently and without warning. As good as technology is becoming, there is no substitute for good risk management in this business.

Unless otherwise approved by CASA, the operating limits for all UAV operators in Australia are:

  • In Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) of the aircraft at all times
  • Under Day Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) only
  • Not above 400ft AGL
  • Not over Populous Areas [incl. beaches, parks & gardens, residential areas, events]
  • Not in Controlled Airspace
  • Not within 3nm of an airport [ incl. aerodromes & helipads]
  • Not within 30m of people, vessels buildings etc, not associated with the operation

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