Upson Downs (QLD)

Upson Downs Imaging Services provides a high quality imaging and inspection service both ground based and aerial platform thermography, photography, survey & mapping. Highly reliable remote control systems, lightweight high definition cameras, top end thermal imaging cameras and GPS plotting systems and software ensure quality, guaranteed.

Vidiair (NSW)

VidiAir – with in-house 3D software engineering & electrical engineering capabilities – provides RPAS services and RPAS Industry support for advanced 3D and microelectronic technologies:  RPAS builds to the Industrial Standard; EMF/ RF protection; laser range-finding with telemetry; advanced diversity ground stations; precision GPS positioning; Mission Planning with various layers of Fail-Safe; photogrammetry & 3D modelling; further 3D visualisation; RPAS 3D Real Time simulation; GIS-based video storage/ retrieval software suited to large asset arrays.

Wittke Photography & RPAS Services (NSW)

Wittke Photography & RPAS Services specialises in both on the ground and aerial imagery (photography & video), and aerial asset inspection and monitoring. We service a wide range of industry segments and application types using the latest RPAS equipment and software;   Photography (real estate, property, landscapes, construction progress monitoring) Inspection (building & asset maintenance, property, bridges, infrastructure) We are globally trained, accredited, and certified professional photographers, and CASA licensed and certified RPAS Operators. We have comprehensive public liability insurance coverage. We are based in The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, and are willing to travel.

Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)

Yamaha has been operating remotely piloted helicopters for commercial purposes since 1991 and has amassed well over 2 million total flight hours. In Japan alone, there are over 2,500 Yamaha remotely piloted helicopters utilised in agriculture, academic research, disaster prevention, observation and survey work. Advanced technology, proven high performance and high tech safety features mean efficient, effective problem solving for many industries. Contact: Admin: Bojana Stjepic Phone: 0417 851 348 Email: [email protected] Sales: Scott Noble Phone: 0438 267 404 Email: [email protected]