UAV Illawarra (NSW)

UAV Illawarra is a startup business bases in Wollongong NSW, We currently operate a DJI Inspire PRO and a DJI Phantom3 PRO, We specialise in Industrial visual inspections with our pilots having extensive experience in various industrial environments.  Also, with extensive photographic experience, we are very capable of delivering excellent results for photographic and videographic missions. We also plan to diversify very shortly to offer autonomous hydrographic work.

UAV Systems (QLD)

UAV Systems inspect assets from the air, on the ground and under the water. We collaborate with major utilities and industry to commercialise new technologies. We are focused on providing sustainable outcomes for asset inspection management, monitoring, information processing and analysis. Our staff are experts in the industry and take the time to understand our clients’ needs ensuring they receive the best technical and commercial outcomes.

UAVAir Pty Ltd (NSW)

UAVAir offers the highest level of training for recreational UAV pilots, Private Pilot License holders and our Certificate III Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) for students looking to gain qualifications as professional UAV pilots. Our 7 day RPAS Certification course is approved by both CASA and the Australian Quality Training Framework (RTO ID: 1327)  and is delivered across Australia. We offer training with industry leaders and focus on ensuring you graduate with the skills needing to succeed in the industry.

Uaviation (VIC)

Uaviation is an Australian unmanned aircraft operator based in Victoria and New South Wales. We operate fixed-wing and multi-rotor. We specialise in advanced aerial imagery and data capture for the agricultural, emergency services and survey industries. We also have controllers and photographers that specialise in high definition photography and video.
Suite 2 Level 4 34 Queen Street Melbourne

University of NSW (NSW)

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia has been conducting UAS operations since April 2014 to support teaching, research and to deliver commercial services to industry clients. The Water Research Laboratory has expertise to collect and analyse UAS data in coastal, environmental and hydraulic engineering applications. The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering group has integrated UAS photogrammetry into undergraduate and postgraduate courses including mining site deformation monitoring, stockpile volume estimation, road construction monitoring and environmental studies. All enquiries, please contact Dr Yincai Zhou, Chief Remote Pilot and Professional Officer in Surveying and Geospatial Engineering

Upson Downs (QLD)

Upson Downs Imaging Services provides a high quality imaging and inspection service both ground based and aerial platform thermography, photography, survey & mapping. Highly reliable remote control systems, lightweight high definition cameras, top end thermal imaging cameras and GPS plotting systems and software ensure quality, guaranteed.

Vidiair (NSW)

VidiAir – with in-house 3D software engineering & electrical engineering capabilities – provides RPAS services and RPAS Industry support for advanced 3D and microelectronic technologies:  RPAS builds to the Industrial Standard; EMF/ RF protection; laser range-finding with telemetry; advanced diversity ground stations; precision GPS positioning; Mission Planning with various layers of Fail-Safe; photogrammetry & 3D modelling; further 3D visualisation; RPAS 3D Real Time simulation; GIS-based video storage/ retrieval software suited to large asset arrays.

Wittke Photography & RPAS Services (NSW)

Wittke Photography & RPAS Services specialises in both on the ground and aerial imagery (photography & video), and aerial asset inspection and monitoring. We service a wide range of industry segments and application types using the latest RPAS equipment and software;   Photography (real estate, property, landscapes, construction progress monitoring) Inspection (building & asset maintenance, property, bridges, infrastructure) We are globally trained, accredited, and certified professional photographers, and CASA licensed and certified RPAS Operators. We have comprehensive public liability insurance coverage. We are based in The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, and are willing to travel.

Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)

Yamaha has been operating remotely piloted helicopters for commercial purposes since 1991 and has amassed well over 2 million total flight hours. In Japan alone, there are over 2,500 Yamaha remotely piloted helicopters utilised in agriculture, academic research, disaster prevention, observation and survey work. Advanced technology, proven high performance and high tech safety features mean efficient, effective problem solving for many industries. Contact: Admin: Bojana Stjepic Phone: 0417 851 348 Email: [email protected] Sales: Scott Noble Phone: 0438 267 404 Email: [email protected]

TAZ Drone Solutions

Taz Drone Solutions is based in country Tasmania in Tasmania. We’ve been working on custom solutions, training, promotions, and the suite of drone services. Filling the open void in the state, specifically the north west but working all over the island. Continuously learning and never saying no to a challenge. State Listings: Tasmania National International Services Listings: Thermal Imaging Aerial Application / Spraying Consulting / Advisory Aerial Cinematography Aerial Photography / Video Aerial Surveying / Mapping Agricultural Inspection / Monitoring Certified RPAS Training – Yes – Partnership with Global Drone Solutions Industrial Inspection / Monitoring Powerline/ Pipeline Inspection RPA Systems..

Bendigo Aerial

Bendigo Aerial provides the following RPA services: Social Media Video Production, Aerial Photography including Commercial Real Estate, Panoramas (360), Tourism, Asset Inspection, Aerial Mapping, Surveying and Video Production. Located in the heart of Central Victoria, we are open to projects across Australia and Internationally. We are covered by a worldwide public liability insurance policy and CASA Certified (ReOC). We maintain a current fleet of UAV/RPA along with state of the art software.