To ensure UAV Operators meet a safe standard of operations in Australia, ALL UAV Operators must be certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Australian UAV Operators NOT certified by CASA are operating illegally. Businesses may run the risk of voiding their insurance and the possibility of legal action by engaging uncertified UAV Operators for commercial aerial work operations.

Before engaging a UAV Operator in Australia you should insist on seeing an Operator Certificate (OC) issued by CASA. The UAV Operators (listed here in alphabetical order) are fully certified by CASA.

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4D Surveying (ACT)

4D Surveying are Canberra based registered surveyors with more than 25 years experience who are now drone pilots utilising the state of the art Sensefly eBee RTK; survey mapping drone. With the use of this survey drone we are able to provide aerial video and imagery as well as multispectral data. As a result of processing we are able to produce high resolution Ortho-mosaic Photography and Digital Terrain Models with absolute accuracy of down to 3cm.

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Academy of Remote Pilot Aviation Pty Ltd (QLD)

AORPA is a CASA approved training organisation run by qualified and experienced aviation experts, for aviation professionals. With more than 60 years aviation experience in our core leadership team and nearly 20 years direct experience in commercial remotely piloted aviation in Australia, you can be assured you will be getting the very best training available, and with Instructors who are themselves certified UAV operators with decades of commercial operating experience.

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Aerial Advantage (QLD)

Aerial Advantage are specialist in achieving the Aerial Perspective whether it be Drone Ops or Helicopter Ops. We have 3 Drone Pilots and 1 commercial Helicopter Pilot on our team.

We have Two dedicated teams, and 5 Drones, including a New Heavy-lift Drone capable of lifting RED cameras and larger lenses. Our brushless gimbals include the Movi 5 and we hire Kenyon Gyros, Gyro Rigs, the Movi 5, Cameras and an operator if required.  We also have Australia Wide helicopter & cineflex access.

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Aerial Aspects (WA)

Our goal is simple: To deliver outstanding aerial images for commercial enterprise. Aerial Aspects provides cost-effective, professional aerial photography and video that services almost any business. Aerial Aspects is based in Fremantle WA but equipped to operate Australia wide. Contact us today to discover how we can help you value add to your project.

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Aerial Image Works Pty Ltd (QLD)

Aerial Image Works Pty Ltd specialises in precision UAV (Drone) mapping and imagery in Central Queensland and throughout Australia. We provide 3D aerial mapping, point cloud generation, remote sensing, NDVI, survey, photogrammetry and data processing services for various industry requirements.

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Aerial Inspections Pty Ltd (TAS)

Be it aerial vision for a cinema release or TV show, to an aerial survey or inspection of difficult areas, we provide world class technical and creative solutions that are safe and professional. We fly Red Epic 5K cinema cameras and Nikon D800 DSLRs with industry leading Freefly MöVI stabilisers to ensure the best quality.

Available to travel anywhere, we transport our lithium batteries and UAV systems safely and legally.

Email or call us to quote on your next project.

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Aerial Photography Specialists (APS) (SA)

APS is the agent/distributor for Microdrone 'quadrotor' UAS in Australia and New Zealand, providing comprehensive training and support services for Microdrone UAS, as well as fully certified commercial aerial services utilizing Microdrone systems.

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Aeroeye (VIC)

Aeroeye deploys Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to help its clients capture their business critical information, quicker, safer and in higher quality than ever before. We provide intelligent aerial data solutions that best meet our client's unique requirements, turning big data into actionable information that drives better business decisions. Aeroeye’s end-to-end services include rapid aerial data capture, post-processing, data interpretation and analysis, and the provision, training and integration of geospatial software and systems.

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Aeroture (WA)

With over 10 years experience in Photography and Cinematography, Aeroture is composed of specialists in the field who share their expertise to achieve the best result for our clients.

A diverse mix of industry backgrounds including Graphics, Media, Apple and Aviation, the sheer wealth of experience at our disposal is an indicator of the quality of our projects and services which deliver to our clients.

Aeroture is a reputable business which has won awards from clients such as National Geographic and Canon.

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Air Affairs (NSW)

Air Affairs Australia, is a commercially approved UAS operator that operates target UAS for Defence Force trial & training. We hold the largest UAS danger area for trial & testing of our UAS platforms.

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Airborn Insight Pty Ltd (QLD)

AirBorn Insight has over 30 years of experience across the fields of robotics and agricultural and environmental management. We use unmanned aerial systems (drones) with a range of specialised imaging sensors to develop site specific solutions to help you solve your problem from above. How can we help you to take your insight to greater heights? To learn more about AirBorn Insight Pty Ltd visit:

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Airborne Camera Solutions (QLD)

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Airmap3D (QLD)

Airmap3D is a certified provider of UAS Aerial Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling. We are surveying professionals specialising in UAV's. Stockpile and earthworks volume reporting, contour/feature mapping, design compliance, progress monitoring… the list goes on. Located in Nth Qld and servicing the nation. Safe, Fast, Reliable, Affordable.

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Airship Solutions (VIC)

Airship Solutions designs, builds and operates specialised remote-controlled, autonomous and tethered aerial platforms for advertising, broadcasting, photographic and scientific purposes.

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Airsight Australia (NSW)

Airsight Australia provides cutting edge aerial services using unmanned aircraft systems. Services include, aerial video production and photography, rapid mapping acquisition and processing and industrial inspections and surveillance. Fully certified and insured our team of highly qualified professionals ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency and affordability on every project.

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Airview Media (NSW)

AirView Media specialises in Unmanned Aerial Systems. We provide the latest technology from multi-rotor capable 4K cinematic footage to our fixed-wing 3D mapping. AirView Media has the right professional solutions for any aerial application.

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Alphaflight Aerospace (NSW)

Alphaflight is a market leader in precision aerial photography and cinematography services, with the expertise to integrate our dynamic and unique imagery into your production or marketing vision. Contact us today to see how we can work together.

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Altitude Imaging (WA)

Altitude Imaging is a fully certified professional aerial imaging company. Based in Perth and servicing Australia, Altitude Imaging provides High Definition aerial photography services utilising UAV technology. Services include photography, video, aerial survey, mapping, inspection, real estate photography, environmental monitoring and live HD broadcast for a range of industries.

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Arvista Pty Ltd (WA)

Arvista applies aerial surveying and photography to many applications in a range of industries including mining, mineral exploration, agriculture, environmental monitoring, infrastructure planning and construction. We use the latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to provide clients with a safe, rapid and cost-effective means of obtaining accurate, high resolution aerial surveys and photographs for use in most CAD, GIS and photo imaging software.

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Austbrokers Aviation Insurance (NSW)

Austbrokers ABS Aviation are a specialist aviation insurance broker - our staff having over 50 years' combined experience in the aviation insurance industry. This expertise enables us to assist UAV operators in obtaining the broadest insurance cover available at the most competitive price. Austbrokers ABS Aviation have excellent relationships with all aviation insurers in Australia, and we also have a UAV insurance application form on our website which enables us to obtain quotations quickly and efficiently.

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Australian UAV (VIC)

Australian UAV was established in 2013 and has since completed 1400+ flights for commercial and government clients.
Our core business is in aerial mapping and survey, though we are also well suited for general aerial photography and cinematography and have the experience to put together custom solutions for special projects. We currently have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat and Tasmania and are looking to expand into Queensland and WA soon.
We pride ourselves on professionalism, and the reliable delivery of high-quality outputs.

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Bill Owen Insurance Brokers (QLD)

As a leading aviation insurance broker, our team at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers are experts in the field. We are passionate about providing tailored advice to ensure our clients are given the best cover available for UAV plus general insurance needs such as airfield premises liability and hangar buildings. We pride ourselves on building great relationships with our clients and always ensure we maintain an exceptional level of service.

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CADS Survey (WA)

CADS offers a highly cost effective alternative to traditional aerial mapping. Our rotary UAV technology provides a stable photographic platform that is both safer and faster than fixed-wing survey methods and is at the cutting edge of aerial mapping and filming technology.

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Choppercam (TAS)

Choppercam offers low altitude aerial video and photography services. Using state of the art Multi-Rotor electric aerial vehicles we can fly cameras into airspace that no other aircraft is capable of reaching. Our fully qualified UAV pilots have 45 years combined experience flying radio controlled aircraft and can operate anywhere in Australia.

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CR Kennedy (VIC)

C.R.Kennedy & Co is the largest national importer and distributor of surveying equipment in Australia, and the exclusive distributor for Leica Geosystems. Our four divisions specialise in Surveying, Medical, Photographic, and CCTV/Surveillance industries.

C.R.Kennedy & Co has a range of fixed wing and rotary wing UAV solutions for mapping, aerial photography, aerial inspections, and real time surveillance. Together with photogrammetry software, these aircraft can produce high quality digital terrain models (DTMs), 3D models, point clouds, and orthographic photographs.

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Digital Falcon (VIC)

At Digital Falcon we specialise in remote sensing for environmental monitoring and precision agriculture. We provide a complete service from data collection and post processing to visualisation and online collaboration tools. What differentiates Digital Falcon from other operators is our ability to capture scientific grade data and develop custom image analysis algorithms for your specific application.

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Droneworks Australia (NSW)

Droneworks Australia is a Aerial Photography Specialist with bases in Sydney and the Newcastle/Hunter area of NSW. We operate the latest UAV systems providing low altitude HD photography for Asset & Equipment Inspections, Environmental Monitoring, Film and Television, Real Estate photography, Mining & Resources, Surveying & Mapping and Stock Aerial Footage.

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Droneworxs (QLD)

Brisbane’s Leading Drone Aerial Photography Services

Droneworxs is Brisbane's go-to fully licensed commercial Remote Piloted Aircraft aerial photography and video specialist, and for very good reason. We’re backed by an extensive amount of experience with clients in many different industries, from asset inspection to sporting events and everything in between, and have built up a reputation for delivering nothing but outstanding shots time and time again.

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Equinoxair (WA)

We provide a full range of aerial photography services, from four metres to five hundred metres, deploying pole cam, unmanned helicopter and aeroplane platforms. Our extensive photographic services include landscapes, machinery at work, social occasions, real estate, panoramic shots, land care projects, promotion and construction progress (both commercial and domestic) and you can even purchase our work through our Online Print Shop.

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FliteOptix (QLD)

FliteOptix™ was formed in 2015 by two highly experienced Aviation professionals, and a highly experienced industry cameraman. We use unmanned aircraft systems to create aerial content that can change the way the world is visualised. We are CASA certified, and hold public liability insurance for all operations.

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Flyfilm (QLD)

We specialise in aerial cinematography & photography for TV, feature film, commercial and industrial applications. Our team is made up of award winning photographers and directors, with more than 35 years of collective experience in the advertising, commercial and motion picture industry. We use industry leading technology to give our clients the best experience possible. Our drones are capable of lifting most production and still cameras, including RED, Arri mini, Phase One, Canon, Sony and many more.

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Flytography (NSW)

Servicing the Sydney region from the Hunter Valley to the Southern Highlands and beyond, Flytography provides aerial photography and promotional videos for Real Estate, Businesses, Government, Television, Asset Inspections, and much more. Using a purpose built octocopter for the highest level of safety, our dedicated Camera Operator controls a high definition camera able to capture 24Mp stills and 1080p HD video.

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Global Unmanned Systems (GUS) (WA)

Global Unmanned Systems (GUS) are specialists in providing UAV services and applications to the extractive industry, both on and off shore. Based on prior experience in the consulting industry, GUS is strongly focused on base line data acquisition and ongoing monitoring requirements associated with environmental and social impact assessments associated with major infrastructure development projects.

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World leaders in Remote Aerial Cinematography.

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HELImetrex Pty Ltd (QLD)

HELImetrex Pty Ltd was the first certified UAV Operator in Australia. Situated in Brisbane, HELImetrex specializes in rotary UAV systems & services including Aerial Photography & Surveys.

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High Alpha Media (VIC)

High Alpha Media is a highly experienced and specialised aerial cinematography/photography operation. We have worked with all of the major TV networks in Australia/USA for news coverage and productions such as The Block, My Kitchen Rules, House Rules, The Mole, Sunday Night program, BBC, Grand Designs and numerous other corporates which include a Chanel  no5 global campaign, BHP and major brand television commercials and numerous feature films with our standard 4K resolution output equipment.  

We only continue to specialise in aerial industrial/asset inspections.

High Alpha Media have crew based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and now Adelaide.

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HoverCam (QLD)

HoverCam specialize in Airborne Vision Acquisition. Our pilots have over 20 years experience precision flying R/C Helicopters and Multirotors equipped with the latest technology so we get the job done on time, on budget and safely. Our preconfigured quick release Cameras and Gimbals allows us to swap to different Cameras in minutes.

Choose from our selection Cameras or Cameras of your choice on our 3 axis stabilized gimbals. Tracking shots, still or flying shots are what we do best.

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Interspacial Aviation Services (WA)

CASA Authorised 'Basic RPAS Training Program' for UAV pilots. The training is conducted over 6 days and includes Theory, Type Training, Radio Certificate & English Language. The course fee is ALL INCLUSIVE, including all fees and refreshments - there are no extra charges

  • 2 day course to assist with the Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC) application process
  • 1 day Type Training course for those applicants that already have a pass in a CASA Aviation Theory EXAM at PPL level or above.

Based in Perth WA; with interstate training available.

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JR Photographics (SA)

We are a digital media company specializing in medium to high end video and still image production.  We shoot with the latest multirotor UAV’s with the ability to shoot up to 4k video.  We are also approved for operations close to most aerodrome facilities with Australia without significant extra cost.  We have undertaken many real estate, development and corporate projects and are expanding every day.

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Kino Flight (QLD)

Kino Flight is a specialist UAV aerial filming and photography company that uses high quality equipment to produce spectacular images and film. The versatility of the equipment Kino Flight uses allows for an incredible range of filming angles and allows the camera to move in ways not previously possible. Captivating results and an experienced team make Kino Flight a leader in the aerial filming and photography industry.

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L O'Reilly (SA)

We are a family owned, Adelaide based company that provides high quality aerial cinematography and photography.  We are licensed to undertake aerial photography by CASA and are insured for up to $20M liability with QBE Aviation Insurers.

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Land Surveys (WA)

Land Surveys provides mapping and survey data for mining, civil, environmental, exploration, heritage and agricultural applications. With UAVs based in most of our offices, we can deploy anywhere in Australia. Our operators are qualified surveyors, making Land Surveys your one stop solution for project planning, ground control, image acquisition, processing and reporting.

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Lentez (NSW)

Lentez offers the latest in Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) technology for stunning aerial photographs and video. Please visit our website for additional information, case studies, images and videos. Each project is carefully thought out for optimum results and safety is always first. We are a fully CASA licensed and insured.

We also offer full service commercial photography and professional video production services to give your business the competitive edge in print and on-line.

Contact Lentez for a no-obligation consultation.

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Minstaff Survey Pty Ltd (QLD)

Minstaff Survey is a multidisciplinary survey company providing complete surveying and mapping services to the Mining, Construction and Development Industries. Minstaff Survey combines 20 years of industry experience and knowledge with trained RPAS Certified Operators to deliver professional Aerial Surveying Services throughout Australia. Our team is able to provide you with a surveying solution from the air or on the ground to deliver a product and service specific to your needs.

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NQ UAV provides a complete service for any company, research body or government organisation wishing to utilise UAV’s.  NQ UAV can provide all the necessary project management, approvals, pilots, craft and data processing for either simple or complex UAV applications. Through our network of partners we can also provide analysis and signoff by subject matter experts including surveyors, engineers and agronomists. NQ UAV also operates in high risk and harsh environments in regional and remote locations, both in Australia and overseas.

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Optimus UAV (NSW)

Optimus UAV are based in Sydney and service NSW. We specialise in aerial photography - our in-house professional photographer and graphic artist can provide high quality print ready media or edited video directly to our clients.

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Position Partners (NSW)

Position Partners is Australia's premier provider of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil contracting, earthmoving, mining and building activities. At Position Partners, we are committed to increasing productivity for our customers and building lasting business relationships around high calibre positioning activities.

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Pulver, Cooper and Blackley (NSW)

Pulver Cooper & Blackley Pty Ltd are a multidisciplinary company with experienced professionals covering town planning, engineering, surveying and project management. With our professional surveyors certified to operate UAV's, PCB is able provide a complete aerial surveying and mapping service to the Mining, Construction and Development industries.

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The team at RAPAX® love to get involved in difficult projects and have access to over six UAVs, Pole-Cams, an assortment of cameras and each of our crew have over 25 years’ industry experience. 

 Our Director is a Registered Engineer with over 25 years’ experience.  Drawing on this depth of knowledge RAPAX® also provides extensive support to the construction and engineering sectors with provision of Photogrammetry, 3D modelling, asset inspections and surveillance.

 Please refer to our website for further information.

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Rotorworks (NSW)

Operating between zero and 400 feet and up to 60km/h, Rotorworks Octocopters are custom designed & developed in-house to carry professional cinema cameras including the Red Epic, Sony FS700, Canon C100-500 & 5D and the Black Magic. State of the art camera stabilization systems and remote control recording, zoom and follow focus can be utilized if required with HD vision sent to multiple field monitors on the ground.

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RPAS Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)

RPAS Australia uses Fixed Wing and VTOL Multirotor RPA's for high resolution aerial imagery for all your aerial othographic, dtm, dem and GIS mapping data needs. RPAS Australia services include Georectified orthographic photographs, aerial, dtm, dem and point cloud models of the terrain. Various applications servicing include mining, environmental, inspection and agriculture. We offer fast, accurate and cost-effective aerial imagery solutions.

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RPAS Training & Solutions Pty Ltd (NSW)

RPAS Training & Solutions Pty Ltd is an official CASA certified RPAS Training Organisation and national leader in Civil Unmanned Aircraft Operations Training and Operational Manual consulting services. We provide our customers expert knowledge and advice as they establish and enhance their UAV Business in an uncharted new field of commercial aviation.

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Scope Surveying (NSW)

Scope Surveying is a firm of professional surveyors certified to operate UAV's. Based in the Hunter Valley. Servicing NSW. Let Scope provide a complete spatial data acquisition solution for your next project.

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Snap Above Aerial Photography (VIC)

Snap Above is an Aerial Photography service provider based in Melbourne, Australia. We utilise the latest UAV/Drone technology to provide the highest quality photography and video services at an affordable price. As UAV technology advanced it became clear to us that we could turn our passion into a career and provide amazing images and video to all clients no matter what their budget, enabling us to do what we love everyday.

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Spatial Technologies Pty Ltd (QLD)

Spatial Technologies has a fully qualified pilot that is CASA certified and insured. With seven years’ experience as a pilot, we understand the importance of post processing and aerial photography disciplines. Spatial Technologies understand the total workflow of aerial surveying and mapping so we get the best results. 

Covering a broad range of UAV disciplines including:

  • Infrastructure and utility inspections
  • Land, estuary and flood zone mapping
  • Insurance and disaster inspections
  • Forestry and Agriculture
  • Construction, Mining & Land Development
  • Conferences & Promotions

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Synergy Positioning Systems (QLD)

Synergy Positioning Systems is at the forefront of utilising RPAS for the aerial surveying and mapping of a wide variety of landforms. We have extensive experience utilising this fast, cost-effective data capture technology. Synergy Positioning Systems operates C-Astral Bramor gEO fixed wing aircraft for high quality results.

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Thompson Surveying Consultants (WA)

Thompson Surveying Consultants is a CASA approved aerial imaging company. Based in the South West of Western Australia we provide high definition aerial imagery combined with traditional surveying for a comprehensive service. Our alliance with a local media company also allows us to provide a video service second to none. Utilising a fixed wing and multi rotor UAV we have the tool for the job. Services include photography, aerial video, aerial survey, inspection and mapping.

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UAS Pacific Pty Ltd (QLD)

UAS Pacific are designers, manufacturers and operators of quality small unmanned aerial systems. The Brisbane based company specialises in the customisation of full turnkey solutions to perfectly fit the needs of its clients. As manufacturer, UAS Pacific also provides type conversion training.

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UAV Geomatics (VIC)

UAV Geomatics Pty Ltd (Australia) is a specialist photogrammetry company.

  • High accuracy 3D modelling from UAV
  • extended UAV range capabilities
  • mm accuracy from mobile terrestrial systems
  • Satellite imagery, processing and modelling
  • Data hosting and browser access of large 4D datasets

Contact Robert Klau, BSurv(UNSW), ESP-AP SSSI

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UAV Systems (QLD)

UAV Systems are a Brisbane based company specialising in low-altitude, high-quality, precision Aerial Photography using remote controlled helicopters, fitted with specialised camera mounts.

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UAVAir Pty Ltd (NSW)

UAVAir offers the highest level of training for recreational UAV pilots, Private Pilot License holders and our Certificate III Aviation (Remote Pilot - Visual Line of Sight) for students looking to gain qualifications as professional UAV pilots. Our 7 day RPAS Certification course is approved by both CASA and the Australian Quality Training Framework (RTO ID: 1327)  and is delivered across Australia. We offer training with industry leaders and focus on ensuring you graduate with the skills needing to succeed in the industry.

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Uaviation (VIC)

Uaviation is an Australian unmanned aircraft operator based in Victoria and New South Wales. We operate fixed-wing and multi-rotor. We specialise in advanced aerial imagery and data capture for the agricultural, emergency services and survey industries. We also have controllers and photographers that specialise in high definition photography and video.

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University of NSW (NSW)

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia has been conducting UAS operations since April 2014 to support teaching, research and to deliver commercial services to industry clients. The Water Research Laboratory has expertise to collect and analyse UAS data in coastal, environmental and hydraulic engineering applications. The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering group has integrated UAS photogrammetry into undergraduate and postgraduate courses including mining site deformation monitoring, stockpile volume estimation, road construction monitoring and environmental studies.

All enquiries, please contact Dr Yincai Zhou, Chief Remote Pilot and Professional Officer in Surveying and Geospatial Engineering

Send email 02 9385 5252

Upson Downs (QLD)

Upson Downs Imaging Services provides a high quality imaging and inspection service both ground based and aerial platform thermography, photography, survey & mapping. Highly reliable remote control systems, lightweight high definition cameras, top end thermal imaging cameras and GPS plotting systems and software ensure quality, guaranteed.

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Vidiair (NSW)

VidiAir - with in-house 3D software engineering & electrical engineering capabilities - provides RPAS services and RPAS Industry support for advanced 3D and microelectronic technologies:  RPAS builds to the Industrial Standard; EMF/ RF protection; laser range-finding with telemetry; advanced diversity ground stations; precision GPS positioning; Mission Planning with various layers of Fail-Safe; photogrammetry & 3D modelling; further 3D visualisation; RPAS 3D Real Time simulation; GIS-based video storage/ retrieval software suited to large asset arrays.

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